What We Do

Virginia photography based on the confidence, beauty and empowerment of women. We focus on Authenticity, Respect, Quality and Privacy. If you love our images, you'll love the WAY we do business even more. We photography beauty, fashion, glamour, headshots, pinup, flirty, bridal boudoir and boudoir sessions.

Style Inspiration

Browse our Pinterest boards for AMAZING looks we've pinned for Poetic photoshoots. We know what looks great on camera, so trust us and our ideas for outfits, accessories, props, ev'rything!

About Me

I'm a full-time photographer covering all of Virginia and earning a simple life with my cameras (all named after 'Lost' characters). My perfect world: tiny log cabin, two dogs and an old pickup truck. And great vinyl albums, though that totally makes me sound hipster, lol